We know that artificial intelligence has the power to greatly disrupt journalism. But how?

We are drowning in dire predictions about the industry's future as audiences turn to chatbots when they want to learn, and cost-cutting publishers entertain the idea that generative AI can write articles instead of human beings.

But AI also provides an unprecedented opportunity for journalists and the cash-strapped newsrooms they inhabit. New tools, many of which are free or inexpensive, can give reporters superpowers — broadening the scope of investigative research, streamlining processes, tightening standards, and enhancing presentation.

AIforJournalists.org is a website for the latest news on how artificial intelligence is changing the business and practice of journalism. It highlights tools and showcases the best work of the innovative reporters who use them.

It does this through a strict ethical lens, carefully considering how core principles of trustworthy journalism, honed over well over a century, can coexist with AI-enhanced reporting. And it pulls no punches in calling out sloppy, lazy, and cynical uses of AI to save money.

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