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BNN Breaking outed as AI ‘chop shop’ posting false stories

Yet another rather well established news site has been caught putting out lackluster AI-generated content. This time it’s BNN Breaking.

Kashmir Hill and Tiffany Hsu in the New York Times:

During the two years that BNN was active, it had the veneer of a legitimate news service, claiming a worldwide roster of “seasoned” journalists and 10 million monthly visitors, surpassing the The Chicago Tribune’s [self-reported audience]. Prominent news organizations like The Washington Post, Politico and The Guardian linked to BNN’s stories. Google News often surfaced them, too.
A closer look, however, would have revealed that individual journalists at BNN published lengthy stories as often as multiple times a minute, writing in generic prose familiar to anyone who has tinkered with the A.I. chatbot ChatGPT. BNN’s “About Us” page featured an image of four children looking at a computer, some bearing the gnarled fingers that are a telltale sign of an A.I.-generated image.
How easily the site and its mistakes entered the ecosystem for legitimate news highlights a growing concern: A.I.-generated content is upending, and often poisoning, the online information supply.

As an added twist, the site didn’t make up identities for these false stories, instead attaching them to the bylines of real journalists with predictably miserable results. Read the full story here.