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Deal watch: The Atlantic and Vox sign terms with OpenAI

Credit: The Atlantic

The AI content deals are really rolling in thick and fast now. On Wednesday, both The Atlantic and Vox announced partnerships with OpenAI. No terms -- none whatsoever! -- were made public.

Axios' Sara Fischer had the scoop:

Both agreements also allow OpenAI to tap into the respective publishers' current content to fuel responses to user queries in OpenAI products, including ChatGPT.
OpenAI will include citations to their work when it's referenced in a response to a user query and will link out to the relevant article.
In a statement, The Atlantic said it will also work with OpenAI to help shape how news is surfaced and presented in any future real-time discovery products from OpenAI.

An interesting part of these deals is assessing what, in addition to the money, publishers are really getting in return when it comes to having access to OpenAI's technology. So far it mostly feels theoretical. From The Atlantic's statement on the deal:

As part of this agreement, The Atlantic and OpenAI are also collaborating on product and tech: The Atlantic’s product team will have privileged access to OpenAI tech, give feedback, and share use-cases to shape and improve future news experiences in ChatGPT and other OpenAI products. The Atlantic is currently developing an experimental microsite, called Atlantic Labs, to figure out how AI can help in the development of new products and features to better serve its journalism and readers––and will pilot OpenAI’s and other emerging tech in this work. (The Labs site will not involve the editorial team; it is a sandbox for our product and technology team. Additionally, AI is not being used to create The Atlantic’s journalism.)

If you're finding it hard to keep track of these deals, Columbia researcher Pete Brown has made this excellent tracker. OpenAI is way out in front.